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Mystery Motor Development Engineer Bill Howell Tells All

Our first story on Chevrolet’s legendary mystery motor generated a lot of new questions and a few sour comments by desktop experts still insisting it was a revised 409 W-motor. So we decided to solicit more facts straight from the horses’ mouth. We consulted an old...
427 mystery motor

Chevrolet 427 Mystery Motor

Most of the testing and development was done with 409ci versions. Development engineers were able to generate the required power at that displacement, but in October of ‘62 negotiations with NASCAR resulted in approval to enlarge it to 427ci to gain parity with Ford. A mad rush ensued to design longer 3.65-inch...

Understanding Engine Fastener Quality with ARP

To some its just nuts and bolts, but the science behind the parts plays a critical role in keeping your high performance engine and other performance components together under high stress dynamic conditions. No one understands this better than ARP...
weisco boostline rod

Wiseco’s New Boostline Connecting Rods

Weisco's new extreme duty BoostLine connecting rods are designed for up to 2000 horsepower applications in boosted domestic V8s and an large assortment of imports as well. The rods are intended for extreme duty, highly boosted applications and...

ISKY, The History of Hot Rodding

December 11, 2016
Isky: Ed Iskenderian and the History of Hot Rodding, tells the whole story, from Ed's pre-war Lake Muroc and car club activities, his service in the military, starting a small business fabricating parts and making cams in the back of a rented shop and selling them to hot rodders...

Aeromotive’s New EFI to Carb Regulator

Aeromotive’s New EFI to Carb Regulator (P/N 13220) allows any car or truck, originally equipped with a return-style EFI-powered engine, to affordably convert to a standard carburetor while retaining the full, stock EFI fuel system components...

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Exclusive! Inside the Speed Demon's 450 MPH+ Turbo Engine Packages
What makes George Poteet's awesome Speed Demon streamliner consistently able to crack off seemingly effortless 400 mph plus runs on the Bonneville salt flats?

Tech Tips

compression ratio

Understanding Dynamic Compression Ratio

Your engine actually has two compression ratios, static compression ratio and dynamic compression ratio.
arp bolts

ARP’s Secret Fastener Technology Lab

ARP's test lab has quantified the potential for a 20% or more loss in clamping force with used nuts...
RTS PD Valve

RTST Ported Flow Testing Valves

The RTS kit permits precise mapping of the airflow values around the circumference of the valve at any lift value. It helps identify shrouded...

Engine Builds

383 Chevy: Beyond the Crate!

Is the 383 Chevy the Most Popular Small Block Ever? That's easy to believe based on the number of rotating assemblies sold by Scat Enterprises. It's also noteworthy that the 383 originated from the performance community in the late seventies and became so popular that...

A 735hp 438ci Small-Block Ford Bullet

This 438ci 735 HP Ford drag racing engine represents Hardcore Horsepower's unconventional, but forward-thinking effort to create a strong single four-barrel engine based on an all Windsor parts collection. The result is one bad ass...
cob ra jet

Building the 750 HP Ford Cobra Jet

Ever wonder how carefully your Cobra Jet drag racing engine gets assembled at the factory? No doubt you've seen old newsreels with sweaty line workers ramming pistons into cylinder blocks on an endless conveyor line or...

663hp 434ci Small-Block Street Engine

When tasked to build a 650hp+ street engine with lots of restrictions, Mike Petralia's Hardcore Horsepower, LLC in Franklin, TN crafted this 434ci beast ...

Blown Hi-Torque E85 Chevy Small Block

The key to power for this 628 HP 383ci blown street small block was the 177-cid Roots-style Weiand supercharger combined with E85 pump gas.

383 Beyond the Crate LT1 Parts List

The following parts for the Beyond the Crate 383 project are all available through Summit Racing except where noted. These are the Summit part numbers which you can use to find them on Summit's web site.