Hot Rod Engine Tech builds illustrated “step by step” engine projects that appeal to a broad spectrum of gearheads whose primary interest is high performance and/or race engine building. Each demonstration engine is presented in depth from the planning stage to the dyno in multiple parts that begin with stating the engine’s specific application, citing its operational Chevy Smallblock Enginerequirements and a discussion of how best to achieve optimum results. We don’t adhere to a specific budget for each engine, but a complete parts list with commercial pricing is provided so interested readers can duplicate the engine or substitute components according to their personal budget. Some of our engine projects are budget oriented, others are seriously expensive. In either case there are valuable tips and strategies you can follow to achieve a successful build of your own.

These engines are not about serving the false god of max power numbers on a dyno, but rather building practical useable engines that serve real world performance goals with powerband shape and placement that meets or exceeds the performance expectations set forth for each application. The build stable will include race engines, hot rod engines, street/strip performance engines and it is not limited to just V8s or normally aspirated engines. The site also features an engine theory and tech section, how-to engine assembly tips and techniques, in-depth reviews of engine building tools and assembly aids, engine parts reviews and a new products section, all with appropriate resource reference guides. We don’t claim to be experts, but we do know a few and we hope to pass along as much valuable information as possible to our readers. Our goal is to provide you with fun and informative engine projects to duplicate or study for potential solutions that can be applied to your own engine building goals. We love building performance engines and it’s probably safe to assume that you do too. We’re pretty sure you’ll find some interesting things here and hope to see you as a regular visitor.So tell us what type of engine spins your crank and maybe we can address it. If you speak torque and horsepower and dream of standing inside a combustion chamber watching the valves work at high RPM, you speak our language. Enjoy!