All New Terminator Stealth EFI from Holley

Holley Performance Products is pleased to announce its all-new Terminator Stealth EFI, which provides the classic, traditional look of a carburetor with all the tunability and drivability of electronic fuel injection. Terminator EFI will support any engine with an output of 250-600 horsepower that has a 4150-style intake flange. These systems give you all the same self-tuning features you'd get with any Holley Terminator EFI system – in a stealthy new package. Terminator Stealth EFI is easy to install – no computer experience is required, and you don't need a laptop to use it. It comes complete with an easy-to-use full-color handheld touchscreen, and all you have to do is answer a few simple multiple-choice questions. It's even upgradable to complete laptop control. Terminator Stealth EFI is available in three distinct finishes – polished, Hard Core Gray™ and traditional Dichromate look. Plug-and-play harnesses and minimal connections ensure a fast, easy installation. Now you can have all of the benefits of EFI and maintain the traditional looks of a carburetor.


  • 950 CFM 4BBL throttle body fuel injection for 250-600 horsepower V8 engines 4150 style 4BBL mounting flange
  • Bolts on in place of a carburetor
  • Easy to install, no computer experience required
  • Hand-held tuner included
  • Simple multiple choice set-up wizard
  • Self-tunes while you drive
  • Upgradable to complete laptop control without buying another ECU
  • Master kits available with complete fuel system including fuel pump, filters, 40ft. of hose, billet regulator, and fittings
  • A complete carb-to-EFI conversion kit in a single box
  • Available in tumble polished and Hard Core Gray™ finishes


  • Easy to install
  • No computer experience required
  • Handheld tuner included
  • Simple multiple choice set-up wizard
  • Self-tunes while you drive
  • Upgradable to complete laptop control without buying another ECU
  • Fits any square (Holley 4150™) flanged intake
  • 80 lb/hr injectors (@ 43 PSI)
  • Connections for Ford, GM TH350 and 700R4, and other transmission linkages
  • Provides ignition timing control on engines with GM Computer-Controlled Small Cap HEI
  • Ford TFI distributors require adapter
  • Self-tunes to deliver perfect air/fuel mixture for best fuel economy and power
  • Serviceable sensors and pre-wired for a one-click connection
  • Patent pending annular discharge fuel ring for max flow and optimum atomization
  • No restrictions or delay in fuel flow like booster designs
  • ECU fully potted and sealed for protection from vibration, dust and moisture
  • Virtually maintenance free - keeps your vehicle reliable and ready to drive
  • ECU can be used for LSX, boosted, nitrous, and many other applications in the future
  • Terminator ECU EASILY updated to Holley “HP” ECU specs with a free online download
  • Trouble-free performance with today’s fuels –eliminate vapor lock and fuel varnish
  • Carburetor replacement EFI from the fuel systems experts!
  • Industry leading tech support - free!
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