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engine book coverCarTech Books has announced the release of their new Pro Series book Competition Engine Building by John Baechtel. The book is a comprehensive look at race engine building and the science of planning and building engines ideally targeted to suit specific racing applications. The needs of a true competition engine are quite different than those of the engine under the hood of a typical commuter car. From the basic design needs to the base component materials, to the sizes of the flow-related hardware, to the precision of the machining, to the capabilities of each pertinent system, very few similarities exist. Many books exist showcasing how to make street-based engines more powerful and/or durable. This book is different, in that it focuses purely on the needs of high rpm, high durability, high-powered racing engines. It begins by looking at the raw design needs and then shares how these needs are met at the various phases of an engine's development, assembly, testing, and tuning.

This book features reviews of many popular modern tools, techniques, products, and testing/data collecting machinery. Showing the proper way to use such tools, how to accurately collect data, and how to use the data effectively when designing an engine, is critical information not readily available elsewhere. The special needs of a competition engine aren't commonly discussed, and the many secrets competition engine builders hold closely are openly shared on the pages here.

Authored by veteran engine builder and magazine writer John Baechtel, Competition Engine Building stands alone as a premier guide for enthusiasts and students of the racing engine. It also serves as a reference guide for experienced professionals anxious to learn the latest techniques or see how the newest tools are used. Baechtel is more than just an author, as he holds (or has held) several World Records at Bonneville. Additionally, his engines have won countless races in many disciplines, including road racing and drag racing.

Noted reviews from experts:

"This is the first time in a long time that I can remember being really impressed at the new information and excellent job that John did presenting the information for his readers. The pictures will show you where to hit and the text explains to you why. Nice deal. S-A Design Pro Series (PS) is laid out differently because it only states the facts, no tip toeing around. Also there is no review provided at the end of each chapter like the S-A Design "Workbench Series" (WBS). This is why it is called PS as it is written for the next level of race engine building. Whether you worked your way through the (WBS) or have the knowledge from years of building race engines, you will love this book." (Mike Caruso engine professional 2012-10-24)

"There's building a functional engine, and then there's pushing oneself to be the best. Competition Engine Building: Advanced Engine Design and Assembly Techniques is a guide to competitive engine construction from John Baechtel, who advises readers on the highest end cutting edge techniques needed to make engines that will perform far and above the call of duty. With full color photography all throughout, for any auto junkie who wants to rise to the competitive level Competition Engine Building is a strong pick for any hobbyist auto enthusiast collection." (James Cox The Midwest Book Review 2012-09-20)

"A student who is interested in building racing engines will find that Competition Engine Building- Advanced Engine Design Techniques is a good place to learn more than a thing or two when it comes to acquiring the extensive knowledge that is necessary to begin such a project or to enter into that field. While someone who is already involved in engine building will find that the book endorses the standard practices and "secrets" that have been developed over the years by some of the best engine builders in the world." (Herb Anastor Area Auto Racing News 2012-11-13)

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    • Paperback: 176 pages
    • Publisher: CarTech Books/S-A Design
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 193470962X
    • ISBN-13: 978-1934709627

ISBN-13: 978-19347094

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