AutoScanner Pro Code Reader


autoscanner proProfessional street engine tuners will love the CP9190 Trilingual Elite AutoScanner Pro from Its accurate and easy to use and it features useful support functions offering all the top scanning and diagnostic requirements you need to scan and diagnose you modern OBD I and II equipped vehicles. This unit is packed with professional features including the ability to read and evaluate enhanced DTC (diagnostic trouble codes), graph engine data, record and playback captured vehicle information, and  print pertinent information through a USB PC connection; a useful function for tuners who keep accurate records.  It is compatible with ALL 1996 and newer vehicles (OBD II) and selected pre-1996 GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles and it is CAN compliant for newer vehicles.

 CP9190 Elite AutoScanner Pro is a Snap to Use

autorscanner proWhen your vehicle stores a trouble code indicating a  malfunctioning or failed part or problems with the systems that control engine operation you need a convenient way to read and diagnose that trouble code so you can determine the required repairs. The vehicle’s on-board computer system has detected a problem or multiple problems with the systems it controls and you need to know what they are and how to fix them.  If the function of any of the many controlling parts fails, the check engine light comes on and your vehicle enters into  “limp mode” a program designed to allow engine operation at minimal performance levels so you can get it home or to a repair shop. A trouble code reader is required to read and evaluate the trouble code(s) set by the on-board computer. Since 1996 all vehicles utilize a “D” shaped plug-in connector that connects to the code reader via an adapter cable. The connector is most often located in the driver’s compartment.  The code reader retrieves any trouble codes that the engine computer has stored in its memory. These are the same codes dealers and repair shops use to replace sensors and other components and to clear previously set codes.The scanner connects easily  to the vehicle’s data link connector (DLC), scans the appropriate functions and displays any codes and their definitions from the vehicles on-board computer.

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CP9190 Trilingual Elite AutoScanner Pro Kit

 AutoScanner Pro Features

· OBD II enhanced functionality – (1996 and newer)
· Graph data – (1996 and newer)
· Multilingual menu and options – English, French, Spanish
· Read, record & playback live sensor data
· OBD I functionality – cables included for ’84-’95 Ford, ’84-’95 GM and ’89-’95 · Chrysler vehicles
· USB cable included for product updates
· Updateable via the internet
· Large, backlit, graphic LCD
· Print data via Professional Companion CD
· State OBD II check (emissions)
· OBD II drive cycle mode
· Battery powered for review of vehicle data off vehicle
· OBD II code library built into tool
· Vehicle information (includes VIN # and calibration IDs)
· O2 monitor test
· Diagnostic monitor test Performs the following tasks
· Displays trouble code information and their definitions including OBD II enhanced coverage
· Displays MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) status
· Reads, displays and erases generic, manufacturer specific and enhanced Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
· Displays emissions readiness status (I/M Readiness Monitors)
· Retain the most recently scanned vehicle’s data and configuration
· Displays summary recap of the vehicle’s emissions status
· Resets check engine light
· Help Screens
· CP9190 Kit Includes
· CP9185 handset (Please note the 9190 is the kit # and it comes with the 9185 Handset)
· OBD II cable
· GM OBD I ALDL cable
· Ford OBD I MCU/EEC-IV cable
· Chrysler OBD I SCI cable
· USB cable
· 6-foot extension cable
· Cigarette lighter adapter
· Vehicle battery adapter
· Blow molded hard case
· Manual
· Professional Companion CD
· Cables, hard case, manual, and Professional Companion CD included

Optional OBD I Cables that are not included.
· CP9130 Chrysler LH cable
· CP9131 Ford MECS cable

If you have any questions regarding the ability of this scanner to work on your vehicle contact Actron at 800.228.7667 prior to purchase.

Brand: Actron
Manufacturer’s Part Number: CP9190
Part Type: Scan Tools and Code Readers
Product Line: Actron Elite Autoscanner Pro Scan Tools
Summit Racing Part Number: SUN-CP9190
UPC: 021467850472

Reads Codes - Yes
Reads ABS Codes - No
Erases Codes - Yes
LCD Readout - Yes
Backlit - Yes
Power Supply 9 V battery/110 V AC
User Manual Included - Yes
Software Included - Yes
PC Interface Cable Included - Yes
Internet Upgradeable - Yes
GM OBD I Cable Included - Yes
Chrysler OBD I Cable Included - Yes
Ford OBD I Cable Included - Yes
OBD II Cable Included - Yes
Case Included - Yes
Case Material - Plastic
Case Finish - Black
Quantity - Sold individually