BHJ’s Cool New Deck Height Caliper

BHJ deck height calierQuick and accurate deck height checks are a snap with BHJ’s new Deck Height Caliper!  (Part# DHC-1) Now there's no need to set-up a new block in the surfacer. Just grab the calipers and simply pick-up the main saddle and deck surface from either end of the block, or drop it into a cylinder bore. The radius anvil at the far end centers quickly on any main saddle and the wide-face, flat deck anvil is easy to square-up on the deck surface. so you can check the deck height on any block in a matter of seconds.

The precision stainless steel anvils and very high-quality 12-inch caliper add up to a simple, accurate and lightning-fast way to verify deck height to within .0005”, with the precision repeatability you expect from BHJ. Early customer reviews call the DHC-1 “Deadly Accurate”, “Absolutely Spot-On” and “Great when I need to order pistons”.

BHJ deck height caliper

BHJ deck height caliperBHJ deck height caliperBHJ deck height caliper

The BHJ Deck Height Caliper weighs-in at a pound and a quarter and includes a certificate of calibration, instruction sheet and a foam-padded storage case.

Additional information is on the website at:
(510) 797-6780
fax (510) 797-9364, 
e-mail for technical questions and to place your order!