Blue Box Digital Manometer Revolutionizes Air Flow Testing


by Nick Smithberg

I have used this box for the past 6 months and REALLY like all the things incorporated into it. First, the construction of the box is very nice. It’s made of a blue anodized aluminum housing with plated metal nipple fittings. It’s robust and of high quality so I went out of my way to buy a brand new blue anodized laptop to match! The setup to retrofit this onto my heavily modified Saenz S-600 flowbench was straightforward as far as hookup is concerned. With the aid of Larry Cavanaugh to help me get the software uploaded onto my laptop, I cannot express the amount of customer support he has given me along the way. Questions, concerns, etc., Larry was there each and every time via email or phone. You can tell the passion he has to put out a quality product and is open to suggestions for improvement upon it. I gave a few recommendations and he got right at making the upgrades to the software portion for a few added useful features, thanks to Larry for his unfailing commitment to the craft!

Let’s talk next about the software portion. What can it do? It has an onboard CPU with its own internal database for record keeping. Finally, a single place to store all the information from flow testing and also has a way to upload 4 pictures of what you are testing for a visual frame of reference. You have the means to change orifice size on the fly which is a great time saver.  You can make sensor adjustments using a slide bar on the screen, all while never having to shut the box down to reset. Most importantly, you get live converted cfm readings, velocity in feet per second, and inches of water column shown on the display. This also calculates cross sectional area of the given port being tested while using a pitot tube. There is a screen where some cylinder head information can be input, and it will use the flow test results to calculate a bunch more info to help you check port efficiency. It sure beats calculating by hand or inputting into a separate spreadsheet. There are portions of Pipemax uploaded onto it which is nice to have incorporated since I personally bounce around on a bunch of different programs and this saves me a little time. I’m sure I’m missing some of its features but as of now I haven’t used another digital manometer packed with so many features as this. It’s well thought out for the end user and also has the ease of downloadable updates via instead of waiting for them to come by email.

Blue Box Features

•             Anodized Aluminum Case with Plated Metal Hose Nipple Connections
•             4 Port Connections allow you to leave your Intake & Exhaust Pitot Tubes Connected
•             Position Independent Mounting gives you total latitude in how you position the box
•             Onboard CPU enhances performance and adjustable flow sensors provide unparalleled accuracy

CDDAMS Flow Bench Software Features

•             On The Fly Orifice Selection Changes Saves You Time While Conducting Flow Tests
•             Live Data Orifice Coefficient Configuration Speeds Up and Simplifies Setup
•             Zero Feature Assures You’ll Never See Errant Data Being Displayed With Customers Watching
•             Sensor Calibration Adjustments with simple track bar control
•             Quick & Accurate Flow Tests with Data Analysis and Flow Report Features
•             Simplified Reporting Process Prepares Reports To Print or Export To PDF, Excel & Word To Email
•             Save image files of your work,  4 per saved flow record
•             Velocity Readout in Feet Per Second or Inches of Water Column
•             Calibration Form shows Live Inches of water depression for each connected port
•             Never any need to shut the box down while you make adjustments to orifice or calibration data or  range selections
•             Cross sectional area measurements using your pitot tube are displayed on the screen
•             Quick Data Fill feature allows you to get valve, head & port specs from previously saved flow tests
•             Handy Mini Pressure Form gives you In/H20, In/Hg or PSI pressure reading conversions on the fly.
•             Current test pressure values and converted to other pressure values displayed on main form, actual or converted.

If you are looking to upgrade to a digital manometer and streamline your testing efficiency, you simply cannot go wrong with “The Blue Box.” So much value incorporated into a very affordable box, quality construction, and made right here in the great USA! Please take the time to inquire by contacting C&D Technologies at  
And let Larry know you read this article.


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