Bonneville SCTA Program Books: The First Thirty Years

Nicely packaged two volume book set covers all SCTA Bonneville activity from 1949 through 1968.

With the overwhelming interest in Bonneville
and land speed racing its great to see so many efforts coming together to help save the salt
from disappearing without a fight. One ambitious program recently raised $50,000 to help the SCTA carry on its efforts. Fetherston Publishing is already widely acknowledged for its great book on the history of Bonneville and now it has published a followup with a pair of hardbound volumes comprised of all the original SCTA Bonneville Programs from 1949 through 1968.

bonnevilleThe books are beautifully bound and what makes them special is that they are original reproductions so you have an ongoing historical record at least in terms of what went into each year's program. And that includes entry lists, hundreds of great period photos, old ads from sponsors and performance companies and much more. You can  see who all the presidents and board members were and read their thoughts in the context of the day and see how the SCTA grew into the amazing amateur racing organization that it is today.

The accompanying photos give you some perspective of what's in the book.


12654309_1701110096769368_5679964112830284083_nThe original programs are bound together in two volumes encompassing two decades. Most programs features a bit of history, some highlights, , race entries, and after a while lists of two club members. It would be an error to dismiss this set as a simple low quality reprint. Great care was take to upgrade the quality to the point where most pages are better than the originals. The wealth of pictures alone makes this book set worth the price of admission and a fine addition to your collection. You will find it drawing you back again and again as you think of things to look up. The link on the photo to the right takes you there to purchase this compelling set of Bonneville history books.

See below for a few more sample pages of the the book set.


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