Calico Coating’s New Web Site


calico coatingsCalico Coatings has launched a new web site designed to make it easy for engine builders to review and select the specific coatings or coated products they require for their racing or high performance applications.

Engine builders who know the specific “category” of coating they require such as “anti-scuffing” or “PECVD” can navigate directly to the products they need to check out specifications and ordering information. Search criteria also lets you drill down by industry, application, coating substrate and other categories that allow you to pinpoint the exact coating you require. Each category highlights specific characteristics and advantages such as reduced friction, embedding, abrasion resistance, scuffing, non-wetting and many more based on a broad range of coating requirements.

calico coatings

Engine builders can log onto the web site and go straight to the Coating Search button at the upper right side of the page. It serves a menu that allows you to select requirements by category and then search to go directly to the coating or component you require.

“We wanted to make it easy for our customers and prospects to find exactly what they need on our website”
Calico President, Tracy Trotter

In each case a “Tech Sheet” is provided with technical information and specs about the selected coating so builders can make well informed choices about the coatings they need. “They spend a good amount of time researching technologies online and after-hours so we wanted to give them access to all of this information 24/7.”

Calico Coatings is a long established high performance coatings applicator serving race teams, engine builders, the military and numerous industries that require coating solutions for friction, wear, heat, corrosion and fuel consumption. Many builders are familiar with purchasing engine bearings direct from Calico, but may not be aware of the depth of Calico's other coating services. Hence the new web site with robust navigational tools that allow readers to quickly find exactly what they need.

calico coatingscalico coatingscalico coatingscalico coatings

The new website is also a great resource for learning about the various types of coatings and what they can do to improve the durability and performance of your engines. More and more builders are routinely incorporating coated components into their engines and you owe it to yourself to find out about the advantages they offer.

Piston skirts are routinely coated for anti-scuff properties and the crowns often receive thermal barrier coatings. Diamond-like hardness coatings are applied to wrist pins and valves are treated to anti-friction agents. Crankshafts are often coated with non-wetting or oil shedding coatings to reduce drag in the crankcase. And there are plenty more coatings to serve almost every need.

For more information see the web site link below.