Cam Analyzer

Software Upgrade from Performance Trends

Performance Trends has released a major software update to its popular Cam Analyzer cam measurement and analysis software and electronics.  In addition to updates, they've added a new Cam Grinder suite of advanced features, including:

  • Measuring absolute lift and degrees of lobes and journals, as most cam grinders would want done
  • More advanced data for graphing, like thrust angle, radius of curvature, etc.
  • Doing FFT frequency analysis of lobes
  • Importing and exporting manufacturing type files in several new formats

Cam Analyzer 4.0 screen shot

Now you can also measure with most any roller and do Virtual Follower simulation, new Cam Card and e-mailing options, estimating a cam’'s required valve lash, and filtering options for finding files.
The software is available for computers with Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista or Win 7.  Visit Performance Trends website for a FREE DEMO!