Carbon Fiber Bottles from Nitrous Supply

Nitrous oxide pioneer Mike Thermos and his team at Nitrous Supply have come up with a pair of carbon fiber N2O bottle packages for serious racers —one with the upgrade “Super Flow” bottle valve and the other with the unique “PowerValve” developed by Nitrous Supply and used by many leading racers as it improves performance.
The popular “Super-Flow” valve from Nitrous Supply has several important enhancements, including a 45-degree valve/outlet flow path for improved sealing and an AN-8 male safety port that facilitates running a hose to route any pressure discharge outside the vehicle – a key safety consideration. Even more flow can be obtained from the “PowerValve,” which has an industry-leading .500” orifice and feeds off a large 5/8” siphon tube. The valve is ball-type with a 1/4-turn lever-action (instead of a knob) for quick operation. This design facilitates incorporating an external shut-off mechanism for added safety. It also has a 1/4 NPT port for auxiliary pressure boosting. Both valves feature a 1/8 NPT gauge port to enable users to keep tabs on nitrous pressure.
Nitrous Supply leads the way with innovative solutions like carbon fiber bottles and high-tech nitrous valves.
Founded in 2004, Nitrous Supply is a prime supplier of nitrous oxide system components, and has become a key resource for leading engine builders and racers. Thermos is credited with developing the “fogger” system employed in high-output engines and Nitrous Supply’s latest “Fang II” nozzles have improved performances for many racers.
Located at 15552 Producer Lane in Huntington Beach, California, Nitrous Supply provides services such as filling N2O bottles, system testing/performance evaluation, plus custom plumbing. Call Mike and the gang at 714-373-1986.