Coated Carbs for Cooler Fuel


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Your engine compartment is a hostile environment for your carburetor. Carburetors can reach a peak under-hood temperature of between 180° to 200° F., and the chemicals in the fuel, oil and coolant can literally bake onto your carburetor and become corrosive over a period of time. While an unsightly looking carb won’t usually affect performance, under-hood heat will. For years racers and tuners have increased performance by lowering fuel temperature. Quick Fuel Technology™ (QFT) has introduced a highly durable coating that lowers fuel temperatures by 6% to ensure maximum power and response. It is impact and scratch resistant and also resists corrosion from under-hood chemicals and harsh environments found in marine applications or coastal regions.

The high performance, high temperature PTFE coating is designed specifically for the unique requirements of carburetors and is available in a satin black finish. NitroPlate®, an industry leader in all types of high temperature coatings, designed and applies this coating on select SS-Series, Q-Series, and QFX-Series carburetors for QFT. This coating is now standard on all QFT marine carburetors as well.

With the Black Diamond™ Series your carburetor will shed dirt and resist corrosion, offering a showroom fresh appearance and unique performance advantage for years. For more information please contact:

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