Dart Reveals New Billet LS Cylinder Head

Billet_intkDart Machinery has revealed some details of its forthcoming all-new billet LS cylinder head which breaks new ground by coming with full water jacketed cooling. Dart's Dick Maskin believes the GM LS engine is likely the last of the OEM level pushrod style engines that offers grass root enthusiasts the opportunity to modify it for performance applications. Consequently Dart has developed a complete line of LS based performance engine blocks and cylinders to suit all levels of participation. 

dart headAt last weeks PRI show in Indianapolis, Dart unveiled its newly designed billet aluminum cylinder head that incorporates internal water jackets for those applications requiring engine cooling. While details are still forthcoming, it was revealed that the heads are machined in two pieces and then welded together in a proprietary process to form a single cylinder head.

dart head

dart headMore details will be forthcoming, but its already clear that that the new head has undergone extensive development not only to refine port shape but also to perfect the water jacket structure and the welding process to ensure a stable leak free design.


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