David Kimble’s Cutaways



Kimble cutawayMany well regarded artists portray the full range of automotive art, but only one excels above all others at the tedious craft of the automotive cutaway. David Kimble's incredibly detailed full color cutaway art is in a class all by itself. It has anchored countless magazine articles, posters, press materials, special showings and innumerable displays of automotive fine art where precision and detail are absolutely necessary to reveal the inner workings of. cars, engines, transmissions and other components. Kimble is the acknowledged master of peeling back the layers to showcase the clockwork internals of many of the world's most exotic cars and top performing engines.

David Kimble Kimble's cutaway illustrations come to life in rich detail and magnificent color. The book  goes well beyond that however as he reveals the extraordinary techniques used to create them and the depth of technical experience he brings to bear in his art. A master craftsman, Kimble is also a former GM engineer who worked within the bowels of the GM performance division and witnessed first hand many of the unique and legendary motorsports accomplishments that sprang from the General.  In his book he reveals many detailed stories behind the art, portraying an extraordinary picture of design, development and ultimate success on the track.

Kimble cutawayThe cutaways in the book represent some of his best work and it is prolific. Besides cars he includes  detailed engines, transmissions, motorcycles, trains, a cruise ship, and the Starship Enterprise. Readers learn the stories behind each cutaway and the reason why so many companies contracted with him for his extraordinary ability to reveal their products in the best light. We review it here for the benefit of all our engine enthusiasts as Kimble is indeed the master of the detailed engine cutaway.

See the sample pages below for an idea of what's in store for you inside this fabulous book. Any collector of automotive art and virtually every hot rodder and motorsports fan will thoroughly enjoy this book. We found ourselves holding it closer to view every little detail in each cutaway. The book, like Kimble's artwork is superbly rendered and is certain to find a welcome spot in anyone's book collection. You're going to have to buy this one because you're not likely to find it in a used book collection anytime soon.




  • Publisher: Car Tech (September 17, 2015)
  • ISBN-10: 1613251734
  • ISBN-13: 978-1613251737



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