Diamond’s New Flat Top and Dished Pistons for GM L92 / LS3 (Camaro)

Diamond Pistons has announced two new pistons—flat tops and dished—for Chevy L92 / LS3 engines (Camaro). Suitable for use in virtually every segment of the aftermarket, including restoration, street-strip, pro-touring, and off-road, these new 2618 conventional forgings are supplied with alloy steel 8620 piston pins and spiral locks as well as a standard ring package, comprising 1.5mm (top); 1.5mm (second) and 3.0mm (oil control).

    • Flat top & dish designs for popular GM L92 aluminum cylinder heads
    • Bore & stroke dimensions of 4.005 to 4.130in & 3.622 to 4.000in respectively
    • Top ring placement accommodates N/A & nitrous or forced induction
    • Premium 8620 piston pins & standard ring pack (1.5, 1.5, & 3mm) included
    • Valve relief pockets 0.175 (in) & 0.105 (ex) & double pin oilers standard
    • Available uncoated or with Diamond double-coat (anodized with moly skirt)

Diamond L92 pistons

Configured for bore dimensions of 4.005 to 4.130in and stroke lengths of 3.622 and 4.000in., these new pistons have compression heights of either 1.304in or 1.115in. Because their top rings are positioned 0.260in down from the piston crown, these pistons will work well with small nitrous kits or super/turbochargers. On the piston crowns both the flat tops and the dished versions are furnished with valve relief pockets of 0.175in (intake) and 0.105in (exhaust). Double pin oilers with interlinking grooves ensure adequate lubrication between the piston pins and their pin bores.

Lastly, Diamond makes available these new pistons in either an uncoated condition or with the Diamond Double Coat—fully anodized with a molybdenum skirt coating.

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