Digital Degree wheel

Altronics digital degree wheel is an easy to use camshaft degreeing tool that enables engine builders to pinpoint TDC, find the camshaft centerline measurement and the cam duration without having to set up a degree wheel and pointer. Using a separate dial indicator reading off a lifter or the valve tip, it can help pinpoint valve events relative to crank position with 0.1 degree accuracy. Builders can use either the piston stop method or dial indicator method to establish exact TDC and camshaft position. This also allows you to display the installed camshaft centerline using the same .050-inch before and after method. A lifter travel tool with dial indicator is required to help program the Digicam for its initial reading.
The Digicam tool uses a set of adapters (available separately} that slip over the crank snout to accommodate Chevy small blocks and big blocks, LS1s, Mopars, Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs. It runs on a pair of AAA batteries. The supplied bolt and spacer may or may not fit your particular engine depending on the particular combination of crankshaft and timing cover, but it is easy to fab an attachment adapter from a small piece of aluminum plate. You can also use it with the heads off by making a spacer to fit directly to the timing cover mounting surface. Then you can use a cam checking dial indicator directly off the lifter to accomplish the same measurements.  Once you find max lift with the dial indicator, rotate the engine counter clockwise to approximately .100-inch before max lift and press the menu button. The prompt tells you to rotate clockwise to.050 before max lift. The digicam notes that position. Then press the BTDC (before top dead center) button and you are instructed to continue clockwise to .050-inch after max lift. Press the ATDC button and the display will indicate the crank centerline. Pressing any button after this will return to display the crank position.
To find the camshaft duration you rotate the engine to zero lift with the lobe on the base circle of the cam. Adjust the dial indicator to zero. Press the menu button until "Cdur" is displayed. Then press select. The prompt will instruct you to rotate clockwise to .050-inch lift at which point you press the BTDC button. Then continue rotating over the nose and back down to .050-inch before valve closing at zero lift. Pressing the ATDC button will display the cam lobe duration. Note you can use any checking point such as .006-inch, .020-inch or whatever your cam card indicates for seat to seat timing. And you can verify opening and closing points at the same time. Pressing any button again will return to showing crank position.
If the cylinder heads are off the engine you can use Summit Racing's deck-mounted piston stop with the Digicam to find TDC (top dead center). If the heads are on the engine, use a piston stop inserted in the number one park plug hole to find TDC.

The Digicam digital Degree wheel and supporting components are all available through Summit Racing as indicated below. Click on the part you want to go directly to the appropriate sales page.

Digicam Digital Degree Wheel
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