Edelbrock’s New BBC Victor Tunnel Ram


edelbrockEdelbrock's new Victor Tunnel Ram is a modern updated design to its very successful Victor Ram 2-R Tunnel Ram, first released over 35 years ago. It's designed for use with 468-582 c.i.d. standard-deck Chevrolet V8 engines with conventional rectangular port cylinder heads. This new and improved design has 7" long runners with close to 5.5 square-inches at the plenum, making it 25% larger than our current Victor Ram 2-R Tunnel Ram base! This is the ideal intake manifold for any modern high horsepower demanding application. Will fit Edelbrock Victor series race cylinder heads #77409, #77459 and #77609. Available for carbureted and fuel injected applications.

EdelbrockThe Victor Tunnel Ram top is for use with 4500 series carburetors and our new Victor Tunnel Ram base manifolds only. It's designed with larger openings to accommodate throttle bore sizes up to 2.31" without modification and is wider to accommodate the larger runners in the new manifolds. Carburetors will need to be mounted sideways in order to clear and will work with throttle linkage kit #7077.

Fuel rail kit ends are machined for -8 AN fittings and feature a black anodized finish. Fuel rails do not have any provision for a plug-in style fuel pressure regulator. Crossover and regulator not included.



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