EDM Flat Tappet Lifters - Johnson Lifters Guide
EDM flat tappet lifters provide the additional lubrication necessary for solid flat tappet applications with high spring pressures. These lifters have a 0.015-inch hole in the center of the lifter face to apply direct oiling to the cam/lifter interface.

The hole is added to the lifter body using the EDM (electrical discharge machining) process and it is sized to provide additional lobe lubrication without any loss of oil pressure. The discharge hole in EDM flat tappet lifters is small enough to prevent oil pressure fluctuation while still providing a direct jet of engine oil onto the cam lobe/lifter interface.

Benefits include:
  • Direct cam lobe lubrication
  • No significant loss of oil pressure
  • Permits higher valve spring pressure
  • Full time lubrication - no splash
  • Eliminates cam lobe and lifter wear
Johnson Lifters® products are covered by a general warranty that states that its products will be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. The length of this warranty for automotive parts is as follows: Johnson Lifters are guaranteed for the life of the engine and will be replaced if any failure is deemed due to manufacturing defect and sold under the Johnson Lifters® name.

All Johnson Lifters warranties assume that the product(s) were properly installed, subjected to normal use and service and that they have not been modified, neglected or used on racing or competition applications. The warranty covers only the product itself and not the cost of installation and/or removal or any claim of collateral damage.

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