Engine Building Tools

Anybody can screw an engine together with a socket set, but would you really do that without checking all the important mechanical relationships? Engine building is all about precise mechanical relationships and precision measurements that can’t be determined without quality precision tools. Engine ToolsFortunately many good engine building tools are not prohibitively expensive if you acquire them a few at a time over an extended period. With the exception of basic hand tools, the following chart shows all the essential engine building tools you'll ever need along with their average street price if purchased through any of the major mail order suppliers such as JEGS or Summit Racing. Some tools are special order only and/or available only from direct sources and those are indicated as well. Be sure to review the rest of the tool section for individual reviews of performance engine building tools with specs and recommendations.


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Basic Tools

Torque Wrench
Dial Indicator
Magnetic Dial Indicator Base
Cam Degree Wheel Kit
Cam Installation Tool
Piston Ring Compressor
Feeler Gauges
Degree Wheel
Balancer Puller
Piston Stop
Cam Checking Tool
Damper Installation Tool
Thread Chaser Kit
Checking Springs
Valve Spring Compressor
Engine Cleaning Brushes
Basic Ring Filer Kit
Crankshaft Turning Socket
Dial Bore Gauge

Advanced Tools

Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge
Magnetic Deck Bridge
Micrometer Set
Large Micrometer (4-5-inch
Snap Gage Set
Pro Degree Wheel
Depth Mic
Precision Straightedge
Electric Ring Gap Filer
Valve Spring Height Mics
Tapered Ring Compressors
Cylinder Head CC’ing Kit
Pushrod Length Checker
Digital Dial Bore Gauge
Piston Dome Thickness Checker
Digital Scale
Rod Balance Kit
Stroke Checker
HD Valve Spring Compressor
Valve Spring Tester
Rod Vise
Flex Hone Selection
Sonic Checker