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Engine Parts CNC Dart Big Chief Chamber

Race Engine Parts: CNC Dart Big Chief Combustion Chamber

Parts is parts as they say, but all engine parts are not created equal.  Race engine parts are highly specialized components specifically optimized for their intended application. You can build a moderately powerful and strong performing engine with over-the-counter performance parts that are not specifically designated as racing engine parts, but true racing engines are built entirely with engine parts manufactured for specific racing applications. Material specifications and dimensional tolerances are much stricter and and quality control is held to  much higher standards. There is no lack of quality racing components and racers can purchase or have made any specific component they might require from a highly robust industry of aftermarket suppliers. Note also that many engine builders make further alterations to some racing parts based on their specific requirements. This might include machining deeper valve pockets in pistons, adding piston pin oiling  jets to a cylinder block, CNC machining of combustion chambers (shown) or a variety of other modifications to individual components or groups of parts in order to improve their performance or enhance their strength and durability. With the current state of the racing aftermarket you can pretty much build a full on racing engine with available parts, but it still takes that extra bit of "rubbing" on them to ensure full compatibility with maximum power and durability.