Engine Specs

summit racinf

Summit Racing Engine Swap Specs

Summit Racing has published a handy list of common dimensions for the most popular engines selected…
V8 Firing Order

American V8 Firing Orders

There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing up a build late at night and not remembering…
2012 COPO Camaro

2013 COPO Camaro Engine Lineup Announced

March 1, 2013
The popular 427 returns since more than half of last year's 69 examples were ordered with the big…

Engine Parts

August 7, 2012
Parts is parts as they say, but all engine parts are not created equal. Race engine parts are highly…
LS9 Crate Engine

GM LS-Series General Engine Specs

July 14, 2012
GM LS Series engines have become the default hot rod engines of the new millennium. Check this…