French Flathead V8 Block Prep Handbook


flatheadVern Tardel is a well-recognized name in the hot rodding community as both a builder of high-quality hot rods and a provider of rare and hard to find early Ford components. Vern has also authored numerous books on early Ford hot rods. On his website, he offers a variety of tech manuals for those interested in constructing their own Ford hot rod. Of interest to HRET readers, we find the French Flathead V8 Block Prep Manual. This book contains a valuable reservoir of tips and knowledge developed by Vern through many years of building and racing early Ford V8s.

Vern recently turned over most of the hot rod building work to his son Keith and is now concentrating on sharing his vast 50-year knowledge base through his books and online presence.

french flatheadThe accompanying sample page shows the level of detail provided in this book. The French Ford/Simca block is known to be a remarkably better piece than original Ford unit and Vern spells out all the minute revisions that make it desirable. The book describes all the best modifications and preparatory steps to ensure a powerful and reliable build. And it's available dirt cheap on his website.

It's worth the read even if you don't have a flathead because you'll increase your knowledge and learn some interesting things about flathead engines. Vern's books get directly to the point with clear photos and exactly the information you need to complete any portion of your project. The photographs are clear and sharp and directly illustrate the specific subject he is describing. All you have to do is follow the steps.


The gold mine of tips Vern's books contains have helped both new and veteran hot rodders avoid the numerous mistakes that can plague an early Ford project. His flathead and carburetor manuals are worth their weight in gold, but Vern doesn't stop there. On his web site, he offers a complete set of how-to books that also cover the full range of car building activities, including Stromberg carburetors, dropped axles, steering gear, brakes, ignition, transmission, generators and more.


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