Garrett Announces SFI Spec Turbos for Drag Racing


Garrett's new SFI 61.1 Drag Race Spec Turbos are supported by a certified conversion program that lets racers upgrade their current turbos to meet newly formulated  SFI specs.

garrett spec turboGarrett By Honeywell Performance Aftermarket division has created a range of new SFI 61.1 Spec turbochargers for use in accordance with new rules governing many of the North American Drag Racing sanctioning bodies. Based on the Garrett GT55R and GTX55R turbochargers, the new SFI 61.1 Spec turbos meet all requirements for the NHRA Pro Modified Class as well as those for the American Drag Racing League (ADRL), the Xtreme-Drag Racing League (X-DRL) and
all others requiring the SFI 61.1 spec.

garrett spec turboThe new turbochargers give racers a choice of bolted inlet flange turbine housings or available stainless v-band inlet flange turbine housings. The stainless steel v-band inlet housings offer a 10-pound weight savings over the bolted inlets while the smaller A/R bolted inlet housings carry on the traditional turbine inlet design.

 garrett turbos



garrett spec turbosgarrett spec turbos

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Conversion services for existing turbos are also available; please see the link below for instructions to send in your current GT55R / GTX55R Turbochargers for SFI certification.

Download Certification / Recertification Form

  • Download and fill out the form completely and e-mail to
  • After submitting you will receive an email response with an RMA number. Do not ship without this RMA number and confirmation.
  • Please use the provided mailing address with a copy of the RMA form in the box and additionally, please write your RMA number clearly on the box.
  • If the turbocharger is used, drain as much oil from the center housing as possible. Wrap an absorbent rag around the oil inlet and oil drain to absorb residual oil. Tighten the housing V-band sufficiently so the housing cannot rotate on the center housing flange.
  • The turbocharger must be packaged in such a way to protect it during shipment. Garrett is not responsible for hardware damaged in transit. It is recommended to insure the package.
  • To convert to an SFI 61.1 certified turbocharger or re-certify will take 10 business days pending the turbocharger passes the initial inspection. The cost will be $200/turbo, which includes the initial inspection, assembly, SFI labels/markings, SFI card and ground shipping. The cost of the SFI certified housing will be additional and vary based on the housing selected. If the turbocharger fails the initial inspection and needs repaired, additional cost may be incurred. Further information will be given to you for housing pricing through email.