Jesel Landspeed Team’s 241 MPH Blown Fuel Modified Pickup

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by John Baechtel
The Jesel Landspeed Team has carved another notch on its land speed racing gun belt with a blistering new record running its B/Blown Fuel Modified Pickup truck. The striking Dodge Ram pickup built by Jesel Performance and driven by Automotive Racing Products Chris Raschke scorched the clocks with a 241.165 mph qualifying run on its first full pass.
Above: Chris Raschke receiving his induction into the Bonneville 200 MPH Club and the coveted red hat. Left to right: Two Club President Dan Warner, Chris Raschke, Wayne Jesel, Steve Watt and Don Lewis.
Trucks have become formidable competitors within their own classes at Bonneville. The Jesel truck looks pretty intimidating among all the drama and anticipation on the starting line. Bonneville regulars know these trucks are immaculately prepared and more than capable of toppling records whenever they run.
The backup pass for the record netted a final record average of 232.898 mph. The pickup classes have gained tremendous popularity over the years and the Jesel team has lead the charge, holding records in ten different blown and unblown categories running both gasoline and methanol. While not immune the various salt gremlins that can plague a Bonneville salt flats effort, the Jesel trucks typically run fast right out of the box. This year's version sounds pretty awesome thundering down the course (see video below)
Happy Jesel Landspeed Team members, from left to right includes Gary Wilson, Don Lewis, Steve Watt, Chris Raschke, Wayne Jesel, Bob Hustle randu00a0 Graeme Bartils. Team member Don Sutherland was unable to attend at this event.
The Jesel Landspeed Team has now put eight drivers into the 200 mph club as seen in this great Holly Martin photo of the eight Two-Club red hats in front of the truck. Jesel two club members include Jimmy Barton, Wayne Jesel, Dan Jesel, Dale Cherry, Bob Hustler, Jason Line, Kaylin Stewart and Chris Raschke,

Wayne Jesel (left) is an ardent supporter of landspeed racing at Bonneville and he shares his passion with numerous competitors who drive his truck including Chris Raschke (right), the newest driver to achieve 200 MPH Club status in the Jesel truck.
Who doesn't want a badass looking truck like this in their stable? All the requisite necessities for speed are present; front aero splitter, dual parachutes, high speed Bonneville tires and proper stance for high speed stability.
Highly regarded engine builder Bob Cave assembles these salt pounding engines which are all based off of NASCAR style R5 Block and P7 Head architecture. They can be built in a wide variety of displacements primarily based on stroke length.“We've run N/A engine sizes 304, 370, and 380 cubic inches”, says Wayne, “and turbo engine sizes of 257, 294, 367, and 385 cubic inches. We've also run 500 & 502 cubic inch DRCE2 engines.” Chris Raschke ran the 385-turbo combination built around a 4.185-inch bore with a 3.500-inch stroke Bryant crank fortified with Carrillo 6" rods, Diamond pistons with a 1.250 compression height, and an ATI balancer. Total seal rings include an .043 compression ring, with a .043 second ring and a 3mm oil ring, Jesel’s .937 keyway lifters, Jesel/Walt Donavan 65 mm cam and a Jesel Belt Drive complete the cam and valve train package.

A Stef's oil pan and dry sump tank with a Dailey 6-stage dry sump pump provide the lubrication and oil control vital to a high horsepower turbo engine. The team uses Performance Plus Richard Petty Signature Series 20-50w Racing Oil. in all its engines and it has proved to be highly suitable for sustained high-speed runs.

Slawko Racing Heads  reworked the heads and Kenny Duttweiler did the guides and valve job. The heads incorporate Victory titanium intake valves and Ferrea Super Alloy exhaust valves (that's like Inconel but it's their material). The valves are actuated by Jesel 1.45 / 1.4 ratio shaft rocker arms.

Wilson Manifolds reworked an Edelbrock Dodge NASCAR manifold, changing the base from a 4150 to a 4500 series, adding injector bungs and fuel rails along with Moran injectors. The system feeds through a Wilson single throttle body funneling compressed air from twin 75mm Precision turbos This package produces around 2300 hp. The turbos are spun by a stainless Elston exhaust system. Jesel uses a Big Stuff 3 engine management system tuned by Dale Cherry to monitor and control all engine functions.

Dodge D5 NASCAR engines have been plentiful and easily available. Their design makes them amenable to other racing applications with basic changes in stroke length. A pure racing engine from the get go, their internals are robust and designed to take considerable abuse. That makes them a great choice for application to land speed racing.
“We use a Jerico air shifted 5 speed trans with 2.20, 1.61, 1.33, 1.13, 1.00 gearing and it had a 2.86 rear gear when Chris drove it for the B/BFMP record,” says Jesel.

The Jesel Team holds 10 different class records

Class              Speed        Date        Driver
B/BFMP       232.898      9/20        C. Raschke

B/BGMP       238.517      8/16        J. Barton
C/BGMP       248.694      8/07        J. Barton
D/BGMP      262.118       8/09        J. Barton
E/BGMP      225.707       8/08        J. Barton

AA/GMP      219.749       8/17        J. Faischlehner
A/GMP        225.246       8/12        J. Line
B/GMP        221.330       8/09       R. Hustler
C/GMP        224.082       8/06       J. Barton
D/GMP        193.242      8/18        J. Barton

The SCTA (Southeern California Timing Association) Pickup Truck classes are set up for 1946 and later American-made trucks. Engine classes range from 184ci to 501ci and larger (E-class through AA-class). They are further divided into blown and un-blown classes with both gasoline and a fuel categories. These classes and records are shared with the USFRA (Utah Salt Flat Racers Association).


/BFMP = Blown Fuel Modified Pickup
/BGMP = Blown Gas Modified Pickup
/GMP = Gas Modified Pickup

AA 501+
A 440-500.99
B 373-439.99
C 306-372.99
D 261-305.99
E 184-260.99

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Photography by Holly Martin.  Action shot by Dave Kommel

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