Kaase Racing Engines Debuts P-38 Cross Ram Induction System

Jon Kaase Racing engines has debuted its new Ford Windsor P-38 cross-ram induction system incorporating a unique low profile that assures top tuned length performance with desirable hood clearance. The new intake is specifically tuned for a driving range between 2500 to 6800 RPM with most OEM and aftermarket performance cylinder heads and appropriately matched camshafts. Superior low and mid-range torque are realized with crisp throttle response and improved fuel economy.

Imagine this bad boy between the frame rails of your street rod or Mustang. You can get it as a fully assembled kit or with individual components to suit your particular requirements. If you're starting from scratch, consult with JKRE to select the best camshaft and cylinder head package for your application.

Top performance is available when combined with Kaase's canted valve P-38 Windsor cylinder heads. The crossram also functions great with most OEM and aftermarket street and race cylinder heads, Kaase’s new cross-ram system is available as a fully assembled kit or as individual components. Kaase's And of course you have to get the hot looking Kaase P38 valve covers to round out the bad boy look.

The engine management system includes the ECU, all sensors, injectors, and wiring harness. The ECU offers broad capabilites for both street and race operation including programmable operation of accessories and full featured data acquisition and diagnostic capabilities.



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