Koul Tools Braided Hose Assembly Kits

Koul Tools Koul Tools hose end assembly kits have been on the market for some time now, but its amazing how many people still don't take advantage of them when assembling hose ends for their engines. Everyone is well aware of the pitfalls associated with the nasty task of assembling braided hose fittings. Its almost unheard of that you don't poke at least a few holes in your fingers from stray braids that fray while cutting. The time honored method involves taping the hose at the proper length to prevent the braid from unraveling. Then it is cut with a chop saw or a hacksaw. The hard part comes when you are trying to insert the hose through the hose end socket. Invariably a stray wire hangs up and you struggle to get them all to fit with your bloody fingers.

braided hose toolThe Koul Tools assembly tool is elegantly simple in concept. Each two-piece high tech composite capsule tool incorporates a properly sized cavity to hold the socket. A tapered funnel on the other end of the tool allows you to push the hose through the socket in one smooth motion because the taper compresses the hose end so that it emerges into the socket slightly smaller that the socket opening.

If a picture is worth a thousand words this is it. Its that simple and there's no excuse for not having one of these tools if you plumb a lot of hose. The tool kit pays for itself the very first time you use it and you will wonder how you ever assembled hoses before. Kits are available in to accommodate all sizes of you can purchase individual sizes. Kits are available in several sizes. The small kit contains the capsules to install -4, -6, and -8 hose, A mid-size kit accommodates -6, -8, and -10 hose, and the largest kit handles -10, -12, and -16.

braided hose tool


Koul2_lgTo accommodate variations in socket size among different manufacturers, each tool is equipped with spacer inserts to steady the socket in the capsule if required. Everything you need is included. Once you have the socket on the hose it is easy to complete the assembly by inserting the hose fitting and clamping the assembly in an aluminum vise guard as shown here. We used aluminum AN wrenches from JEGS to assemble some hoses we were assembling for a project engine at Valley Head Service in Northridge, California. JEGS distributes Koul Tools so one stop shopping was easy.


And lest you think that Koul Tools is only a one product company, check out what else they have to offer to help you finish your hard lines. Their Surseat P-51 Line Lapper is a specialty tool designed to ensure the integrity of your tubing flares by lapping the finished flare The Line Lapper uses a diamond dust lapping head to gently lap in a flared tubing end to create a better seal. It smooths out annoying flaring irregularities that promote leakage. According to Koul Tools owner Dick Raczuk,  he envisioned the Surseat Line Lapper as a logical solution to leaky fittings based on the practice of lapping engine valves. "People have been lapping engine valves for 100 years. Why? So they don't leak! When you flare a tube, you should lap it in as well so it doesn't leak."

koul toolsDSC_2783
kkoul tools
The Surseat Line Lapping tool incorporates a diamond dust impregnated lapping head and multiple size alignment collets to ensure a perfect flare seat every time.


The Surseat P51 kit contains a range of collets to accommodate 3/16 to 1/2-inch tubing plus 3/16 and 1/4-inch brake lines. It also includes both 37°  and 45°  diamond dust lapping heads. Two mini-kits are also offered. The Mini P-37 kit is for stainless steel lines and the Mini P-45 kit is for double flared steel lines. Together they cover all the possible flaring needs you are likely to encounter.

Another recent development is the EZ-ON Hose Press. It is designed to facilitate the easy installation of -4 through -16 push-on fittings. You simply clamp your fitting into the stationary jaws. Clamp your hose into the traveling jaws and turn the feed screw with a rattle gun.  The EZ-ON Press will push the hose onto the barb in seconds! No more need for boiling water and heat guns! The EZ-ON Hose Press is built from investment cast steel and works with all brands of straight and angled fittings.  Check it out in this short video.

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