Lingenfelter C7 Intercooler Manifold

LINGENFELTER  introduces C7 corvette liquid to air intercooler intake manifold

LingenfelterBRIGHTON, Mich. – Lingenfelter Performance Engineering's liquid to air intercooler intake manifold for turbocharged or centrifugal supercharged 2014-2015 C7 Corvettes with the LT1 engine offers a unique combination of performance enhancements. Featuring an innovative, low-profile design which fits the stock C7 hood while integrating neatly into the engine compartment, the new Corvette intercooler/intake builds on the previous success of products Lingenfelter created for Gen 3 and Gen 4 engines.

lingenfelterThe intercooler (Part #L260060114), designed to replace the OEM manifold, is a two-piece aluminum intake manifold with an integral intercooler core which provides reduced pressure drop, increased power output and reduced weight. Provisions for port fuel injectors allow for additional fuel delivery beyond what can be supplied by the OEM direct injection system. The auxiliary injector provisions can also be used for nitrous or alcohol injection.

“The low pressure drop design provides increased power and boost for 800 to 1200 hp applications, and even higher if using ice in drag racing applications,” said Graham Behan, chief engineer, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.

lingenfelterIn November, the new C7 Corvette intercooler manifold was selected by a panel of 35 top international automotive journalists from hundreds of new product entries to receive the prestigious Global Media Award at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

The intercooler kit includes an upper and lower manifold, Intake and throttle gaskets and water line fittings. Optional components include intake base machining for secondary injectors, secondary fuel injection fuel rails, and a port assisted direct injection (PADI) controller.

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Since 1973, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has created a matchless heritage of bringing astounding new capabilities to the world’s most sought-after sports cars. This legendary record of precision engineering continues today, as the highly skilled Lingenfelter production team continues to target design excellence in engine packages, superchargers and high-performance aftermarket components that refine power, speed and control.


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