Modern Engine Blueprinting Techniques


engine blueprintingAutomotive engines run amazingly well consider the production tolerances they are assembled with. Because they are almost never required to perform at their maximum capability, engines are manufactured with acceptable machining and assembly tolerances that reinforce durability and longevity rather than performance. And yet high precision tolerances and assembly techniques are well known to enhance the performance output of an engine. Any engine’s performance can be improved by balancing and blueprinting procedures to reduce friction and parasitic losses. Blueprinting is performed to optimize the performance of every part in the engine while critical balancing matches critical weights to optimize smoothness.

engine blueprintingMike Mavrigian’s book details all the important steps and procedures for blueprinting and balancing any engine for optimum performance. He lays out all the critical techniques that ensure engine components are dimensionally correct, balanced and properly matched for optimum efficiency and performance. He describes the process of measuring, checking, and machining each component of the engine so that it functions smoothly throughout the driving range. This book details blueprint procedures for the cylinder block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, rings, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, camshaft, etc. so the readers know the exact steps that are required and can talk intelligently with his automotive machinist.


It can seem a bit intimidating at first, but the author does a great job of laying it all out and describing why and how every step contributes to improved performance. It closely describes all the measurements and tools required to blueprint an engine and gives you the reasoning and predictable results. It is a good basic manual that works for the newbie amateur right up through the advanced engine builder. The reading level is advanced but it’s done in such a way that even newcomers are able to familiarize themselves with the lingo and the techniques while also understanding why they are important.

Every engine builder from rank amateur to expert should have a copy of this book as a critical reference guide. The information is spot on and the photography is clear and sharp. The author does a great job of describing the subject matter. One read won’t make you an expert, but as you reread and absorb this material you will gain the required knowledge to successfully balance and blueprint an engine or at least direct your machinist as to what you hope to achieve. Most machinists know this stuff on every level and the will work with you to achieve your needs. It always works better when you can articulate what you want and this book helps you do that.

This is one of CarTech's Pro Series books that are written to an advanced level, but designed to provide easy entry and advancement for more amateur readers. Its a great series of books and this one is a truly valuable reference resource for any engine builder. You can't go wrong.

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