New Boost Lock Prevents Boost Loss

boost lockBoost Lock is an innovative new product specifically designed to prevent the separation of inlet boost tubes under high boost conditions. When this occurs during a race you immediately lose power and the race. If it occurs on your tow rig or diesel truck you lose boost pressure and the torque it takes to pull heavy loads.

Boost Lock's extensive testing has determined that most boosted applications using round inlet tubes connected by high temperature sleeves will maintain their integrity and hold boost up to 12 psi even without clamps. It depends on the type of sleeve connector and the type of ridge built into most inlet tubes to help retain the sleeve. Ordinary clamps typically prevent sleeve swelling and tube separation above 12 psi, but with many applications running boost levels up to 50 psi even stainless camps cannot hold the pressure.

Boost Lock still employs clamps to seal the sleeve to the inlet tubes, but an additional set of clamps connected by a pair of anti-separation straps keeps the tubes from separating and pulling out of the sleeve. Boost lock has tested this design up to 180 psi before the sleeve burst. That's far above any boost level you are likely to run in your performance car or in a boosted towing application. The Boost Lock eliminates the common occurrence of tube separation and loss of sleeve integrity and boost pressure. The design is patent pending and Boost Lock are ramping up their production capacity.

If you run any kind of boosted application this product provides the insurance you need against inadvertent pressure loss and accompanying power failure. For more information see their facebook page at

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