New Hemi Engines, 2003-Present

Rebuild your Hemi with confidence using instruction from long-time Mopar engineer, racing coordinator and veteran author Larry Shepard. In New Hemi Engines 2003-Present: How to Rebuild, Shepard delivers thorough instructions for each crucial step of the rebuilding process. Before commencing engine tear down, he shows you how to perform compression and leak down testing to accurately assess the health of the engine. Disassembly and comprehensive inspection instructions are provided so you can determine and remedy any underlying problems. Expert insight allows you to select the ideal parts package for your rebuild, whether OEM replacement or compatible and complementary high-performance parts are selected. The most pertinent information for the latest machining practices is provided, so you can coordinate with the machine shop to return the block, head, intake, and other surfaces to like-new condition. Assembling the cylinder heads as well as accurately measuring, checking clearances, and test fitting parts is detailed, so you’re sure all components are within spec and ready for final assembly. Finally, comprehensive step-by-step instructions are provided for assembling all components into a completed engine. When Chrysler released the "new" 3rd-generation Hemi engine in 2003.
The automotive public placed high expectations on the Hemi’s triumphant return. The Hemi Gen III 5.7L, 6.1L, and 6.2L supercharged and 6.4L engines didn’t disappoint; they produced copious amounts of horsepower and torque while delivering exceptional durability. These powerful engines occupy the engine bays of new Challengers, Chargers, Magnums, 300Cs, Durangos, Jeep Grand Cherokees, and Ram trucks. Many of these engines have been used for high-performance service or logged hundreds of thousands of road miles, and as a result, many need to be rebuilt. The modern Hemi engine is lighter and stronger and offers far better drivability and performance than its predecessors. However, after hundreds of thousands of miles, extreme use, or high-performance applications, these rugged engines require a professional-caliber rebuild. With this book, you can confidently complete your Hemi rebuild and get your car or truck back into action.
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