NEW Racing Alternator from MSD!

msd alternatorOne of the most important components supporting all your race car's electronics is the alternator. That's why MSD has developed the new DynaForce Racing Alternator. DynaForce Race Alternators are available in two models; 50 Amp and 100 Amp. The 50 Amp model is built in a compact housing and designed for lower demand racing series such as dirt track cars. The 100 amp is designed for drag racing and cars with higher current requirements. Both feature one wire technology to keep wiring at a minimum. A great feature is that both DynaForce models provide an adjustable voltage output. A simple turn of a dial allows the unit to be used with a 12 or 16 volt battery. And since these alternators are built to handle racing rpm, MSD incorporated a fan baffle to protect the belt.


  • Designed for maximum output from low speeds to high rpm
  • Dual plane balanced rotor assembly delivers high rpm precision and reliability
  • Blue-printed assembly process ensures superior operation and longevity
  • Accepts charging for either a 12 volt or 16 volt electrical system  
  • Hand assembled in the USA and NEVER rebuilt or refurbished units
  • One wire installation keeps wiring at a minimum



Phone: (915) 855-7123