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Nitro Tuner software development started back in 1987 when I was working with Norm Drazy on the design and development of the PSI Lysholm/screw type supercharger for NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster.  We wanted to know what the pressures and temperatures were as the air-fuel mixture entered the top of the blower, exited the pie-shaped opening underneath . . . and then made it's way into the engine cylinder as even more fuel was added by the port and down nozzles.  Much of the fuel evaporated along this path and cooled the air-fuel charge prior to getting trapped in the cylinder when the intake valve closed many degrees after bottom dead center.  The actual engine/blower air flow rate, air-fuel ratios, and pressure and temperature just before the spark plug ignites the mixture are critical to making the most HP in any kind of engine. We needed a way to accurately "simulate" the entire process of compressing the air-fuel mixture on the computer in order to reduce the need to test all the variable combinations using the PSI blower dyno. This video shows the very first time we spun up the PSI on the blower dyno!

Nitro Tuner SoftwareKnowing what the air-fuel ratio is for your specific engine combination requires knowing both the air flow rate and the fuel flow rate.  Every engine tuner measures the fuel flow rate in gallons per minute with the data recorder.  The actual engine air flow rate going down the race track is much more difficult to determine.  That is why weather stations have always worked with ratios . . . if the calculated air density changes one percent, the fuel flow must change one percent.  But what is the "best" air-fuel ratio for your engine combination?

Today, Nitro Tuner brings this sophisticated engine simulation technology into the 21st century!  Windows PC's are now powerful enough to handle all the complicated thermodynamic property equations that must be solved for this type of complex air-fuel system analysis.  Nitro Tuner handles supercharged methanol, nitromethane and gasoline fueled engine of all types.  Supercharger styles include both the Standard and High Helix Roots blowers . . . and the PSI and Whipple screw superchargers.


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Nitro Tuner includes an option for tuning non-supercharged engine fuel systems. This new feature was designed to work for typical A/Fuel Dragster engines with mechanical fuel injection.

Nitro Tuner softwareThere has never been anything like this available before today!  Instead of just duplicating your "old" air-fuel ratio from run-to-run, why not figure out what to do to get the "best" air-fuel ratio for your specific engine combination in today's weather conditions?  Look at the Nitro Tuner program screens below for a typical NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car (TA/FC) and a  sample Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car.  There are detailed inputs for your specific supercharger and engine design, along with all the traditional weather station variables.  You can even design your fuel system at 3 different locations and RPM on the racetrack - for example, at the hit of the throttle, when you shift into high gear and at maximum RPM at the finish line.  Figure out when to add or subtract fuel volume as you go down the racetrack.  A Help Screen includes the displacement of all modern superchargers in use today!

Nitro Tuner softwareNitro Tuner 2.0 now includes a brand new JetArea program for setting up and designing your entire fuel system. JetArea predicts fuel nozzle and main jet sizes as the weather changes away from your baseline setup. Take a look at the new JetArea program screen below for the Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car example. JetArea is a complete fuel system simulation program!

Nitro Tuner will run on any PC using Windows 98 through Windows 7.

The price of Nitro Tuner is $400 and includes:
  - the program CD and a user license to allow installation on 2 PC's
  - printed user manual (33 pages!)
  - free USPS Priority Mail shipment
  - an hour of free consulting time on using the software for your engine/fuel system.

Nitro Tuner softwareThe user manual is packed full of Practical Advice to help you get the most out of the Nitro Tuner software and your specific engine combination.  Topics include the supercharger volumetric efficiency, leakage area, ram pressure recovery, manifold pressure, choke flow area, fuel system design . . . and using the software to tune for weather changes.  You will be amazed at all the detailed information and what you can learn just from reading the user manual!

A free demo version of the Nitro Tuner software and user manual are also available.  Yes...that's right!  FREE!!!  Just send me your e-mail address and I will send the free demo to you.  You will be able to install and run the Nitro Tuner Demo on your PC and tailor it to your exact engine combination . . . anything from blown alcohol, to injected and blown nitro!  Give the free demo a try first before you order the full version!

Contact:    Patrick Hale