ProForm Adjustable L.E.D. Timing Tab with Built-in Timing Light

ProForm’s Billet Aluminum Adjustable L.E.D. Timing Tab with built-in pointer and self-powered timing light eliminates the need for a separate timing light or battery hookup. It is permanently mounted to the timing tab and the accessory timing clip fits over the number Proform Timing Lightone spark plug wire and wires directly into the L.E.D. unit. The L.E.D. provides a bright light that makes it easy to read the timing mark under any conditions.  The integral hands free design allows one person to easily read and adjust the engine’s timing.  Our testing has shown the L.E.D. to be bright, accurate and reliable. Its robust design is not affected by heat or engine vibration. Illuminating the timing mark via a self-powered unit triggered off the number one spark plug eliminates the need for a separate timing light and attending cables. This patent pending device is available for small block Ford V8s and all popular big and small block Chevys. (see part numbers for engine family and balancer sizes)

67270C....... Ford SB 10 o'clock TDC
67271C....... Ford SB 11 o'clock TDC
67272C....... Chevy SB 6 1/4"
67273C....... Chevy SB 6 3/8"
67274C....... Chevy SB 6 3/4"
67275C....... Chevy SB 7"
67276C....... Chevy SB 7 1/4"
67277C....... Chevy SB 8"
67278C....... Chevy BB 6 1/4"
67279C....... Chevy BB 7"
67280C....... Chevy BB 7 1/4"
67281C....... Chevy BB 8"


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