ProForm Electric Ring Gap Filing Tool


ProForm Electric Ring Gapping ToolProform's electric ring filer is the ideal tool for both professionals and home engine builders. Precision end gap fitment is critical to proper ring seal and engine builders agree that filing the ring end gap is the best method.Some builders still prefer to hand file each ring, but more and more are turning to electric powered grinders with precision dial indicators to accurately measure the amount of material removed. ProForm's electric ring gap filing tool is a prime example. It features a sturdy base that can be bolted securely to your work table to provide a stable working platform. A cam eccentric and locking mechanism on the top allows you to position and lock each ring with the face perfectly square to the grinding wheel surface. A small lever then permits you to slid the ring support block and move the ring end face against the grinding wheel surface.

ProForm Electric Ring Gapping ToolBefore you start move the ring firmly against the grinding surface and zero the dial indicator. Then switch on the grinder motor and slowly move the ring face against the grinding wheel. Since the dial indicator has already been zeroed it will indicate the amount of material you are removing and allow you to home in on the perfect end gap. the grinding wheel is tough and the material removed is minimal so grinding wheels easily support multiple engine builds without replacement. When the face becomes worn and you feel that it is not producing a smooth cut, you can reverse the grinding wheel to regain a perfectly flat grinding surface.

Since ring gap is so critical to engine performance it is recommended that you sneak up on the final gap size. While the dial indicator allows you to accurately judge the amount of material you are removing, prudence suggests that stopping short by a couple thousandths and rechecking the ring in the cylinder will prevent you from accidentally grinding too far. Our testing found that the wheel removes material quickly and easily so you have to pay close attention to the indicated travel. Once a ring is finished carefully deburr the corners with a very small jeweler's file. As an alternative, some builders simply give the end surface a quick brush over with a small piece of 600 to 1200 wet /dry sandpaper. Whatever your choice, the important thing is not to damage the sealing face at the gap ends. Let the tool do its job without too much pressure and your rings will require only minimal deburring.

Users are cautioned to wear eye protection and to not operate the ring filer near flammable liquids. The ring filer should be securely bolted to your work bench to provide a stable work platform.

ProForm Electric Ring Gap Filer    PN 66765

Replacement grinding Wheels       PN 66762


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