QMP Racing Shop Tour


For twenty years, QMP Racing has been providing high quality race engine building and machine shop services to the greater Los Angeles area and to remote customers across the nation and around the world. Brad Lagman opened QMP racing engines in 2000, bringing more than 18 years of in-depth knowledge and engine building experience dating back to 1987. He started QMP out of his garage with limited equipment and having to rely on others for machine work. Steady progress followed and when things things began to get busy with four people working in only 400sq. ft. of space, a larger shop was inevitable.

By 2003, Lagman teamed with Mike Consolo, to move to an 1800sq. ft. shop in Chatsworth, California. He knew the only way to succeed was to have the ability to perform all of their work in house. The shop is filled with numerous amounts of tools and machinery for every type of operation. Much of the machinery has all of the latest technology. The Flow Bench, Valve Spring Tester, Balancer and Cam Doctor are all computerized. The ability to have a large amount of the machinery computer controlled has afforded QMP the ability to process information and job requirements more quickly and efficiently. QMP also makes use of exclusive techniques in the development process of machining. These kinds of methods are utilized during bore honing, valve jobs and during balancing. A recent example is Brad's development of a fixture tool to hold a Profilometer stable in a cylinder bore.

Engine building and dyno testing are key elements of  QMP's business model along with performing quality machine work for it's broad customer base. All the engines QMP builds are dyno tested and tuned before delivery to the customer. And technical assistance is always forthcoming since most engines require adjustments to the tune once they are at the track.
Clean room for engine mockup and assembly.
Diamond honing machine.
A532 5-Axis CNC Cylinder Head Porting Machine
Valve grinding station.
Balancing station.
Rod Sizing station.
Hot honing station.
Second honing stataion.
Line boring.
Customer engine staging area.
Block prep station
Lifter bushing instalation.
QMP also contributes to many media and magazine projects, helping editors with technical advice and know-how that might otherwise be overlooked. There is no engine building or machine shop service that QMP can't perform. Combining the years of skill and know how between Brad, Mike and Pete, they know what works and what doesn't. QMP has seen all the usual mistakes and bad applications that people experience and they can help customers avoid going down the wrong path.. They are dedicated to serving the racing community with quality parts and service.

QMP Racing Engine
9530 Owensmouth Ave #2,
Chatsworth, CA 91311
818 576 0816