Quick Fuel Technology Introduces New EFI System


quickfuelQuick Fuel Technology, known for its innovative carburetors and fuel systems, is introducing QFI – a bolt-on throttle body electronic fuel injection system capable of supporting 500 horsepower.

While the market is awash with bolt-on EFI systems, QFI is different: It combines the superior fuel atomization aspects of a carburetor with the precise fuel control of EFI. The patent pending 8-hole annular discharge sleeves inject fuel into a venturi where air speed is at its peak, and pressure is at its lowest, atomizing the fuel far better than any traditional injector nozzle can do. This results in a much more homogeneous fuel/air mixture that burns faster and more complete, producing more power and better response. QFI not only has superior fuel delivery, it is packed with features like an on-board ignition driver (no spark box necessary), and full timing control with an integral two-step rev control.

The QFI fuel injection system has versatile programming solutions including self-learning capability, hand-held controller or laptop tuning if desired. Quick Fuel’s QFI is designed for 4150 and 4500 style flange intake manifolds, and fuel delivery is provided by 62 lb./hr. injectors. It is compatible with power adders such as nitrous oxide, superchargers and turbochargers, and with minor modifications, can be used with E85 fuel. OEM sensors are used for easy replacement if necessary. QFI is available in two finishes – QFT’s exclusive Black Diamond™ black satin finish, or polished aluminum.

The QFI system is available as a Base Kit or Master Kit that includes an in-line fuel pump and fittings.


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