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Note:   All books reviewed here are promotional copies provided by the publisher for review purposes. They are identical to commercially available copies. Sample photos from each book are copyrighted by the authors and used here by permission.


KImble header-huge Raceman
Packards at Speed cover photo Unobtain_1 Classic Racing Engines book

Ralph Depalma Racing Champion book

Bonneville Salt Flats Book Ab Jenkins Mormon Meteor
 Fast Chevys book Miller Racing engines  Classic Racing Engines book
 Bluebird CN7 land speed record car  Coventry Climax Racing Engines Bonneville Salt Flats book
 Ford DFV Cover Image  Boys of Bonneville DVD Smokey Yunick
 athol graham  V12 engine  doomsday impala
 street machine nationals  doomsday impala  grumpy's toy
 my-physics  Speedy Bill Smith  donald cambell
the Fastest men on Earth book TA_cover IMG_015
Frank Lockhart book Duntov  nascar
ford IMG_195 IMG_203