Solid Roller Lifters (Mechanical) - Johnson Lifters Guide
Solid roller lifters (mechanical) are the primary lifter type used in high performance and racing applications because roller tappet cams can accelerate the valve with more velocity than comparable flat tappet cams, resulting in more area under the curve for improved air flow. The rolling frictional properties are also much less than the sliding frictional properties of flat tappet lifters. Using solid roller lifters allows more aggressive cam profiles to be run.

Flat tappet cams can be shaped only to the point where the tappet "digs into" the cam face. Solid roller lifter (mechanical) profiles are not limited in this manner and they can even be ground with "inverted radius" profiles for greater acceleration. Solid roller lifter tappets can also be rebuilt and reused indefinitely.
  • Solid roller lifters have cold-forged steel bodies heat treated for exceptional wear resistance.
  • Precision-ground needle roller bearing. High chromium steel axle. Long life & minimal friction.
  • Large oil reservoir & light weight design.
  • Precision oil metering for proper oiling to the rocker arms without sacrificing oil pressure.
  • Proprietary tie bar system.
Johnson Lifters® products are covered by a general warranty that states that its products will be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. The length of this warranty for automotive parts is as follows: Johnson Lifters are guaranteed for the life of the engine and will be replaced if any failure is deemed due to manufacturing defect and sold under the Johnson Lifters® name.

All Johnson Lifters warranties assume that the product(s) were properly installed, subjected to normal use and service and that they have not been modified, neglected or used on racing or competition applications. The warranty covers only the product itself and not the cost of installation and/or removal or any claim of collateral damage.

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