Sonny’s 1,005ci Billet V8 Cranks 2150 HP


Sonny_1005Sonny's Racing Engines is now offering the first V8 racing engine to top 1000 cubic inches. The new SRE V8 is one serious piece with a price tag approaching $110,000, but its easy to see how cost escalates quickly with a billet block and crank, billet cylinder heads, special sheet metal intake, four throttle bodies and the EFI system. Not for the faint of heart or the budget shopper, the engine incorporates a CNC machined billet block and CNC ported hemispherical heads. Nicknamed the "Godfather" for obvious reasons the new engine easily churns out 2150 naturally aspirated horsepower  and 1550 lb-ft of torque; enough to twist most cars into a pretzel. Known for operating on the leading edge of high performance technology, its only natural that Sonny's would create such a monster. And while there's no doubt that SRE has fabbed a piece strictly for high-end racers, anyone can appreciate the engine technology at work here.  This is a monster engine with massive bore and stroke dimensions. There's a lot of metal being tossed around in there and in typical fashion, Sonny's has engineered it to function efficiently and reliably. Check out these basic features.
1. Fully in-house CNC ported Hemispherical Cylinder Heads by Sonny
2. CN Billet Block with raised cam by Sonny
3. Bryant billet crank
4. GRP Billet Aluminum rods
5. SAR/BME custom pistons
6. Sonny’s/Isky 1.095 special keyed roller lifters
7. Tool steel taper-wall pins
8. Total Seal rings
9. Manley titanium valves & PSI valve springs
10. SAR/ Jesel/T&D rocker system
11. Trends one piece pushrod
12. Jesel cam belt drive
13. Autoverde Dry Sump oiling system
14. ATI balancer
15. MSD cranktrigger ignition
16. SAR Special Sheet Metal Intake with (4) Accufab Throttle Bodies
17. SAR/ Big Stuff EFI with Run Map, and 16 Injectors
18. SAR Billet valve covers
19. Mezier hi-torque starter
20. Fuel lines, and Fuel Rails with regulator
21. Sonny’s/ LSM Special 75 mm camshaft
Options: with (4) 2bbl carbs (deduct 4,000.00) from price


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