Speed Demon

In 2018, I reviewed “Goldenrod: The Resurrection of America’s Speed King”. It was a truly excellent book, well written and beautifully presented, and I stated at the time it raised the bar as regards production values for all authors around the world. That of course had to include Goldenrod’s author, John Baechtel. So when I received a copy of “Speed Demon: World’s Fastest Piston Powered Car”, I was more than curious how anyone could surpass their own high standards, but surpass them John has.
Everyone picks up a new book and quickly flicks the pages to study the photographs first, but with Speed Demon, as soon as you do, you are drawn in, the photos are truly superb, and within seconds you are reading the captions, and then the text. The photographs are crisp and have all the detail you could ever need, regardless of if you are an engineer or merely an enthusiast.
The photos are so good, and numerous, that you’d be easily mistaken for thinking you have actually bought the workshop manual to build your own Speed Demon. The book barely needs words, but that is where Speed Demon goes up a gear. Few of us get to stand on the salt flats while a speed record attempt is taking place, and even fewer are permitted into the workshops where these vehicles are put together, but the text in Speed Demon makes you feel part of the team, it involves you, and as such you feel the emotions, the trials and tribulations, and share in the success. This book tells the story of how a successful record breaker is born, run, and succeeds, by painstakingly putting every component together, and it is also, exactly how this book has been put together. How John Baechtel improves yet again, I’m eager to see, but in the meantime, become part of the team, buy and read this book; you cannot get any closer to the action unless you are actually sitting in the car.
Steve Holter Motorsports Author, Belves France

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