Summit Factory 5 Cobra Engine Combo Kits

Summit Factory 5 Cobra KitsThe Summit Racing Equipment/Factory Five Racing Mk4 Roadster is alive and running strong—and now you can duplicate the project with the Summit Racing Factory Five Combos available at

Built by Rick Sheley and the crew at SKJ Customs (St. George, Utah), the Summit Racing/Factory Five Mk4 Roadster is designed to show enthusiasts how easy it is to put together a killer replica car using a Factory Five kit and parts from Summit Racing’s vast inventory of parts and accessories.

Put together by the experts at Summit Racing and Factory Five Racing, the parts combos are an affordable way to assemble a Mk4 Roadster with a ‘recipe’ of parts proven to work together.

“This car is phenomenal—it is definitely the most horsepower we have ever built in a Mk4!” said Rick Sheley of SKJ Customs. “This car will cruise around town and act very mild mannered. But when you go hammer-down from a dead stop the car will smoke them (tires) off into third gear. It’s a great car for a weekend cruise or to take to the track.”

The Summit Racing Factory Five Combos are as follows:
• Short Block Combo: includes Ford Racing 427 Short Block Assembly, Trick Flow roller camshaft, lifters, and timing chain, gaskets, and ARP bolts
Cylinder Head Combo: includes Trick Flow Twisted Wedge® 185 cylinder heads, roller rockers, pushrods, valve covers, and ARP bolts
Oil System Combo: includes Milodon oil pan and pickup, Melling oil pump, and ARP bolts and pump drive
• Induction/Fuel System Combo: includes Holley Street Avenger carburetor, Summit Racing Stage 2 intake, air cleaner, and fuel line, and an Aeromotive electric fuel pump
Ignition System Combo: includes MSD Digital-6 Plus ignition, Pro Billet distributor, and ignition wires plus NGK spark plugs
Transmission Combo: includes a Ford Racing TKO 600 5-speed transmission, Ram clutch kit and flywheel, QuickTime bellhousing, and ARP bolts

Summit Cobra Short Block Kit

Cobra Short Block Kit

Summit Cobra Cylinder Head Kit

Cobra Cylinder Head Kit

Summit Cobra Cylinder Head Kit

Cobra Cylinder Head Kit

Summit Cobra Oiling System Kit

Cobra Oiling System Kit

 An Engine Accessory Combo and a Fluids and Filter Combo round out the parts packages. Of course, all of the parts in these combos are available separately, and Summit Racing has thousands more products on the shelves so a Factory Five owner can customize his Cobra to suit his taste.

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