Summit Racing Engine Preluber and Priming Tank

Summit's engine preluber system is recommended for priming the oiling system on newly built and rebuilt engines. It can also be used to re-lubricate existing engines that have been sitting in storage. It's an easy to operate system for use with crankshaft mounted oil pumps and particularly for engines that are not easily capable of mechanical priming. Additionally, boat guys often use it for pushing oil through a boat outdrive. It has a 3 gallon capacity which is easily enough for most engines. The tank comes with a handy carrying candle which you can also use to hang it with and a lower brace to keep it sitting upright.
In addition to the carrying handle, the tank is equipped with with a O-ring sealed filler cap, 150 psi pressure gauge with the recommended max of 120 psi indicated in red. An adjustable filler valve provides a means to pressurize the tank and a filler valve facilitates oil flow into the engine. After filling the tank with your preferred lubricant we recommend setting the tank out in the sun for an hour or so before pressurizing it. This thins the oil slightly so it will flow more easily through your engine's oil passages, bearing clearances and pushrods.

The pressure fill unit has a Schrader valve that allows you to pressurize the tank to your desired pressure as indicated on the gauge. It has a pressure relief vent to prevent over filling and to allow you to relieve all pressure in the tank when you are finished.
You must install a pre-filled oil filter with oil before you introduce oil into the engine. Summit recommends filling the tank with 3-4 quarts of oil and sealing the filler cap tightly to hold pressure. Confirm that the oil filler valve is closed (horizontal position). They recommend pressuring the tank to 100 psi after you have pre-warmed the oil in the sun.
Attach the  priming hose to the tank fill valve and the other end to the engine adapter fitting installed in the engine's oil pressure gauge fitting . Late model Hemi engines use a 1/8-27 NPT fitting, Ford modular engines, take a 1/4-18 NPT or M12x1.50 and GM LS engines take a M16x1.5 fitting. The supplied filler line is six feet long with a -4x1/8_NPT ball valve fitting.

Confirm that the fittings are tight and slowly rotate the ball valve filller (to vertical position) to allow oil to flow into the engine. A BEST PRACTICE is to slowly rotate the engine by hand for several revolutions to ensure that oil makes it to all the bearings. Remember that it has to flow through all the flow passages including the transfer passages in the crankshaft, the lifters and pushrods and any passages that feed them. Keep the pressure on until you observe oil flow out of all the rocker arms. This ensures that the rest of the engine and the valvetrain are well primed.
Leave the fill valve open at this point to dissipate all the pressure in the tank. When the pressure gauge indicates zero pressure, close the ball valve, remove the feed line to the engine and plug the opening or reinstall the oil pressure sending unit. Your engine is now prelubed.

Summit cautions that it is a good idea to confirm zero pressure by pointing the end of the filler hose into a collection can , reopening the ball valve and turning the pressure port knob full counter-clockwise.
To clean and store your tank for the next prelubing event, use an oil cutting agent such as mineral spirits, Simple Green and hot soapy water. Do this through the filler neck. Rinse with clear water and slightly pressurize the tank so you can blow the rinse out through the filler hose. You must get all the oil and cleanser out of the tank or it will cause foaming on the next use. New tanks come with all the fitting hand tight. Y0u must remove and reinstall them with pipe sealer where shown on the very through instruction sheet. The preluber is some of the best insurance you can buy to ensure a fully lubed engine on initial startup.

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