Supercharging Performance Handbook


Supercharging is hot. Many of today’s top performance cars are supercharged right from the factory and they deliver high-performance like nobody’s business. OEM manufacturers and aftermarket specialty suppliers have invested heavily in supercharging and times have never been better for showroom shoppers and the do-it-yourself hot rodder. You can buy everything you need to supercharge any engine and build yourself a super boosted screamer that will tear the tires off anything you’ve got.  The only caveat is that supercharging can be dangerous to your engine’s health if you don’t respect the basics.

Supercharging Performance HandbookJeff Hartman’s Supercharging Performance Handbook is highly recommended reading for any enthusiast planning a supercharged engine for his or her ride. When you purchase a turnkey factory ride, all the supercharging safeguards are taken care of for you. Factory engineers have invested countless hours in the fine engine calibrations required to ensure safe, powerful operation under all driving conditions. You can pretty much drive it as you stole it and it won’t break even if you get a load of bad gas or fail to perform consistent maintenance. That’s not necessarily so with purpose-built hot rod engines or factory production cars modified with add-on supercharger kits. Kit manufacturers do a good job of providing proper calibrations, but you still have to pay attention if you’re going to lean on a supercharged engine hard and often.

Hartman is imminently qualified to provide guidance on street and race supercharging. He is a long-standing multi-titled author who has written frequently for numerous magazines and authored numerous performance books that are known for their quality of information. His supercharging book covers all the bases whether you’re just trying to learn more about factory built supercharged cars and trucks, trying to install and set up an aftermarket supercharger kit or building your own forced induction performance engine from scratch.

He walks you through all the basics of supercharging and identifies the trouble spots that can bite you. In a methodical, logical manner Hartman details how the different types of superchargers work including roots type, twin screw, centrifugal and others with knowledgeable commentary on planning every aspect of your supercharger upgrade or conversion. He discusses how to choose the engine and how to build it for safe supercharger operation, including the critical management of engine and intake charge heat. And he covers the important fuel and ignition support systems that maintain adequate fuel and spark under boosted conditions. Specific chapters are dedicated to blower engine management, selecting, buying and installing a supercharger kit, designing your own supercharger system and advanced topics like over-boosting and extreme supercharging.

There are 222 jam-packed pages that include sharp detailed photos and illustrated diagrams, charts and compressor maps and explanations to support them all. Hartman also includes the appropriate math and does a superb job of simplifying it for the mathematically challenged. In clear concise terms characteristics of Hartman’s work and Motorbooks products, in general, this book delivers everything the reader needs to know about supercharging a hot rod or a modern performance car. This book truly does serve as a supercharging handbook for both novice and experienced engine builders and tuners alike. There’s a lot to absorb, but a dedicated reading effort will leave you well armed with supercharger knowledge that applies to any type of supercharged engine.

  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Motorbooks
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0760339384
  • ISBN-13: 978-0760339381



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