The American Speed Shop

The local speed shop is an important element of the nostalgic feeling that people have when fondly remembering their hot-rodding youth. Speed shops were not just parts stores, they were a communal gathering place for car guys wanting to talk smart, bench race, and catch up on the local scene, as well as to solicit expert advice from the owner or staff behind the counter. And who better to chronicle the story of an epic era so dear to so many young men's hearts than a renowned insider who witnessed first hand the growth of a cottage industry that profoundly influenced the hot rodding scene and then outgrew itself by morphing into the era of mega mail-order speed shops with overnight shipping. Longtime hot rodder and industry veteran Bob McClurg brings you the story of the era and the culture of speed shops as told through the individual shop's histories and compelling vintage photography. He covers the birth of the industry, racing versus hot rodding, mail-order, and advertising wars. You learn about the performance boom of the 1960s and 1970s, lost speed shops as well as survivors, and an overview of the giant mail-order speed shops of today. McClurg is well equipped to chronicle the epic saga of the American speed Shop, having been a Hot Rod Magazine staff photographer and racing photographer during much of this amazing piece of American and hot rodding history.
All of the major speed shops are covered in this unique dive into the history of American Speed shops and the unique individuals that founded them and grew them to prominence in almost every town in America.
The American Speed Shop was the epicenter of American high-performance development and the primary outlet for upcoming performance manufacturers whose names are now legendary in performance lore. These shops sprang up everywhere with no particular common thread other than the opportunity to serve the needs of local racers and hot rodders clamoring for more and more performance products to build their hot rods. Speed shops are a phenomena unlikely to be seen again as car makers leap headfirst down the rabbit hole to eliminate the very products that inspired hot rodders in the first place.
The Moon Equipment Speed Shop is one of the oldest and best-known speed shops and it is instantly recognized by its world-famous logo, the Moon Eyes.
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