Trend Performance New Hard-Tip Self-Lubricating Pushrod

Trend Performance has introduced what they believe to be the world’s first self-lubricating 5/16˝ hard-tip competition pushrods. While their lower ends, those that engage the lifter seats, remain unaltered their upper ends now feature self-lubricating tool steel tips hardened to 60Rc. Both 5/16˝ diameter ball ends are formed with a 210-degree radius at the end of a 1-5/8˝ taper to provide proper operating clearance around the rockers as well as the lifters and lifter bores.

Trend Hard Tip PushrodEngineered to overcome degradation troubles on the upper ball of high-revving high-powered engines, these new hard tip pushrods are now available in the following diameters: 7/16˝, 1/2˝, and 9/16˝. Their wall thicknesses are .125˝ or .165˝; or .125˝ or .165˝ or .200˝, and .200˝ respectively.

Prepared in a satin finish over a precision center-less ground surface and laser-etched to the customers’ request, Trend’s hard tip pushrods are available in any length – usually 6.000 to 13.000 inches.   

Trend’s hard-tip announcement of their latest ball-ball pushrods follows last year’s introduction of their BZ pushrods. By engineering a phosphor-bronze insert in its upper cup, the BZ brought an end to similar galling troubles in ball-cup-style pushrods.

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