Tuff Stuff High Performance Alternator Install


By Lyle Larson


Our "Project Corvette" story https://hotrodenginetech.com/383-chevy-beyond-the-crate/ leads you to the feature story "Beyond the Crate" This 1995 Corvette project car has been a superb test bed for manufacturers to prove the value of their products in exchange for non biased stories and a valuable aid showing readers the necessary accessories to support a new high performance engine build. As a followup, we beefed up the charging system with a new battery and a Tuff Stuff high performance alternator. This ensured rock-steady performance and ample power for all the accessories on the car. We received the Tuff Stuff alternator with the latest "Natural" finish. Tuff Stuff calls this their "Forever Finish" as it will withstand years of the harsh underhood enviroment and still look as great as the day you opened the box. They also have "Show" quality chrome and multicolor finishes to choose from. The results are spectacular.

1.The finish is the best we have ever seen.
2.The fit is Exact!
3.The increased amperge was very rewarding.

Installing the alternator was a snap with no special tools required on C4 Corvettes.

A word of caution when installing the old connector (plug), check the existing connector carefully as it becomes very brittle with age. Ours was the original factory connector and it fell apart. We contacted Tuff Stuff and were quickly sent the proper connector. Many auto part stores have connectors, however the wires are frequently all the same color. The Tuff Stuff connector has the proper color-coded wires. It is important to note that best results will be achieved if wiring connections are soldered and subsequently finished with neatly wrapped electrical tape, or, better yet, heat shrink tubing to ensure a solid long lasting and corrosion free cnnection.

After talking to Mike and Tim at Tuff Stuff we discussed that a 230 Amp upgrade was a definite plus. With superb bolt-on performance right out of the box, we feel that Tuff Stuff's presence will also skyrocket in the growing trucking and RV market. Look forward to a followup story on our www.trucksandtowing division. You will not be disappointed with this company or their customer support.

For best results, use the manufacturer recommended connector and avoid the cheap knockoff connectors you find at most auto parts stores.
Although the alternator is grounded through the mounting bolts, it is good practice to install a supplemental ground wire from the alternator case to the engine block.


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