Watch the Doomsday Impala Buildup, then Ride Along on an 8.69 Pass!


doomsday impala

Hey fellas, All you drag racing fans will probably enjoy watching these videos of our Doomsday Impala friends from the UK building their awesome "three years in the making" Doomsday Impala.The car has been upgraded to a new 496ci engine and has cracked into the 8.60s at 152 MPH. If you like these videos, give Dave and Andy a shout out on youtube and let them know you appreciate their efforts. These guys do a great job or promoting themselves and the soundtrack on their videos is awesome. Watch the build video and then get in the car with them for an 8-second pass. Great stuff!

Enjoy these videos and click here to see the full story on Andy and Dave's amazing Impala.