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arias LSX hemi engine

Beast Mode: 2000 HP LSX Based Arias Hemi

A 427 cubic inch turbocharged LSX based Bonneville engine with super trick Arias Hemi Heads pushing 2000 horsepower is truly a beast by any standards. This goes into a '65 Buick Riviera for the Classic/ Blown Gas Coupe category...
hemi inlet stucks

Hardcore Hemi Attacks the Engine Masters Challenge

The Adams and Smithberg team injected Hemi entry at the 2017 Engine Masters Challenge displayed one of the most unique active-tuning induction systems yet seen in the annual engine dyno competition...
summit racing

Summit Racing’s 50th Anniversary Salute

February 13, 2018
Summit Racing is one of the most recognized names in the high-performance industry; eclipsing all other high-performance retailers by a wide margin. Literally, millions of high-performance cars, trucks, hot rods...
direct injection Corvette engine

Direct Injection Piston Damage? Check Your Oil

Low Speed Pre-Ignition or LSPI is a previously unrecognized combustion anomaly that leads to severe engine damage on late model turbocharged engines operating at low engine speeds and high loading. Driven Racing Oils...
Merlin IV big block

All New Merlin IV Big Block Chevy

World Products has completely redesigned the famed Merlin Big Block Chevy casting, incorporating numerous improvements and new features to virtually every area of the block. Thicker decks and new deck height options increase the versatility of the Merlin...
Holley Dominator

Holley Releases 1050 CFM Gen 3 Marine Dominator Carbs

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of Holley 1050 CFM Gen 3 Marine Dominator Carburetors, which exceed performance demands whether you're out for high-speed fun or just hitting the lake for an easy cruise...
bloe box

Blue Box Digital Manometer Revolutionizes Air Flow Testing

November 5, 2017
Upgrading to a precision digital manometer to streamline your air flow testing efficiency, is a snap with “The Blue Box” from C&D Technologies. It is the most capable, all-in-one flow measurement and data evaluation...
Mercedes F1 engine

Mercedes F1 Engine Achieves 50% Thermal Efficiency

The current Mercedes Formula 1 engine achieves over 50 percent thermal efficiency, a major performance milestone for IC engine technology. Check out the accompanying videos to see how it is done and how they are using it to win races in 2018.
hemi crate engine

Mopar Debuts Supercharged Hemi Crate Engine

Mopar brand unleashed a new 6.2-liter supercharged Crate HEMI® Engine Kit that injects 707 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque under the hood. The “Hellcrate” HEMI Engine Kit, is the first-ever supercharged, 707-horsepower factory-backed crate engine kit...

Featured Story

Exclusive! Inside the Speed Demon's Blown Fuel Streamliner Engine
 George Poteet's new Speed Demon streamliner knocks off another speed record with turbocharged LS Power

Engine Builds

hemi inlet stucks

Hardcore Hemi Attacks the Engine Masters Challenge

The Adams and Smithberg team injected Hemi entry at the 2017 Engine Masters Challenge displayed one of the most unique active-tuning induction systems yet seen in the annual engine dyno competition...
speed demon

Speed Demon’s A/Blown Fuel Streamliner Motor

Engine builder Kenny Duttweiler's thoughtful approach to torque-managed small block LS power and rear wheel drive may soon deliver the first piston powered 450 mph speed record at Bonneville. And we just showed you how they're going to do it...
blown small block Chevy

1290 HP, 421ci Small Block Chevy Build

Sportsman racers have pretty much gone big league thanks to a broad performance market that offers a remarkable variety of supercharging options and supporting components. Whether carbureted or fuel injected, the responsive aftermarket has provided...
pro street

Boosting a 482ci Ford SOHC Cammer

When exotic excess isn't quite enough to satisfy the power demons lurking within, artificial aspiration frequently brings the heavy heat. Jim Ring's 1964 Galaxie is an off-the-hook Pro Street ride that demands an over the top powerplant to help make the Pro Street statement.

383 Chevy: Beyond the Crate!

Is the 383 Chevy the Most Popular Small Block Ever? That's easy to believe based on the number of rotating assemblies sold by Scat Enterprises. It's also noteworthy that the 383 originated from the performance community in the late seventies and became so popular that...

A 735hp 438ci Small-Block Ford Bullet

This 438ci 735 HP Ford drag racing engine represents Hardcore Horsepower's unconventional, but forward-thinking effort to create a strong single four-barrel engine based on an all Windsor parts collection. The result is one bad ass...
cob ra jet

Building the 750 HP Ford Cobra Jet

Ever wonder how carefully your Cobra Jet drag racing engine gets assembled at the factory? No doubt you've seen old newsreels with sweaty line workers ramming pistons into cylinder blocks on an endless conveyor line or...

663hp 434ci Small-Block Street Engine

When tasked to build a 650hp+ street engine with lots of restrictions, Mike Petralia's Hardcore Horsepower, LLC in Franklin, TN crafted this 434ci beast ...

Blown Hi-Torque E85 Chevy Small Block

The key to power for this 628 HP 383ci blown street small block was the 177-cid Roots-style Weiand supercharger combined with E85 pump gas.

Tech Tips

compression ratio

Understanding Dynamic Compression Ratio

Your engine actually has two compression ratios, static compression ratio and dynamic compression ratio.
arp bolts

ARP’s Secret Fastener Technology Lab

ARP's test lab has quantified the potential for a 20% or more loss in clamping force with used nuts...
RTS PD Valve

RTST Ported Flow Testing Valves

The RTS kit permits precise mapping of the airflow values around the circumference of the valve at any lift value. It helps identify shrouded...
Engine Builing

Engine Building Rules Part 1: Planning

Consider a typical performance engine build plan that holds true for many budget based bracket racing builds and illustrates how insufficient research and planning can steer an engine project down the wrong path right from the beginning. The first mistake is...
Cam Lobe Profile diagram

Effects Of Changes in Cam Timing and Lobe Separation Angle

The following tables provided by COMP Cams illustrate how variations in lobe separation angle and cam timing affect engine behavior. Engine builders can refer to these characteristics often to determine the likely effect of any cam timing alterations they may contemplate...

Camshaft Basics

Pushrod based engines use two basic types of camshaft; either flat tappet or roller tappet. It’s a little more complicated than that, but it basically comes down to the type of lifter. Up until the mid-eighties most production engines used flat tappet lifters with a crowned face that rides directly on the camshaft lobe...